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Nevada GrantLab provides easy to use resources and a network of experts to help nonprofits and their government partners find and apply for funding, and once funds are awarded advise on effective compliance, reporting, and management. Technical assistance ranges from basic guidance to application and document review to full application and best practices development.

To request technical assistance, please complete and submit this form. Requests will be reviewed and responded to within five (5) business days.

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Technical Assistance Terms

By submitting this form, your organization (“Applicant”) acknowledges understanding and acceptance of the following terms:

  1. Granting and providing technical assistance is entirely at the discretion of Nevada GrantLab.
  2. Nevada GrantLab can supplement applicant’s work, not replace it. If approved for technical assistance, applicant will provide timely, accurate, and complete information and active participation throughout the technical assistance period. Applicant is ultimately responsible for its grant activities.
  3. Nevada GrantLab will maintain applicant’s confidences by not disclosing any sensitive information you provide. Applicant will be recognized by name as a network partner for promotional purposes. Applicant’s information will be aggregated and anonymized for any reporting purposes.
  4. Accounting and Compliance Certifications:
    1. Applicant understands that it is responsible for educating itself and understanding compliance with and internal controls over its Federal awards and the primary resource doing so is 2 CFR 200 Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards, and attests that it has or will read and understand these requirements before accepting Federal awards.
    2. Applicant understands that it is responsible for complying with Federal Award compliance and internal controls requirements, even if it is not subject to a Single Audit.
    3. Applicant understands that if its Federal Award expenditures exceed $750,000 in any fiscal year, it is am subject to Single Audit requirements.
    4. Applicant has or will have an appropriate accounting system, tracking mechanism, and internal controls to properly account for and safeguard its Federal Awards expenditures.
  5. Nevada GrantLab (inclusive of its affiliates) makes no representations or warranties of fitness. It does not represent or warrant it will have responsibility for any technical assistance provided. Nevada GrantLab disclaims all responsibility, liability and duty of care related to any decision, action or omission taken or not taken by or for applicant organization. Applicant acknowledges and agrees that it accesses and uses Nevada GrantLab at its own risk.
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