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Nevada GrantLab is monitoring funding opportunities for nonprofits from federal, state, and local government sources. Then we use public information to proactively identify and notify organizations that may be good applicants. And we can get even better at identifying and matching funding opportunities it organizations join our growing network and tell us about themselves.

Please complete this form so we can watch for funding opportunities that align with your organization and mission. We will notify you if/when we find an opportunity. Then we can help you understand and evaluate if the opportunity is a good fit. Finally, if you decide to pursue the opportunity, you can request technical assistance if you need it.

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Identifying, getting, and managing government grants can be complex. The following items can be very helpful – and sometimes required – starting points. Please tell us what you have. (check all that apply)


We operate programs and services in the area(s) of (check all the apply):
We operate in (check all that apply):
We use community needs assessment data in developing/starting/modifying/ending programs:
We conduct regular program impact evaluation:
We have a sustainability plan for each major program/service area:

Government Grants

Our organization is currently registered (check all that apply):
In the past 24 months our organization has received grants or contracts from the State of Nevada, local government(s) and/or public agency(s) totaling:
In the past 24 months our organization has received grants or contracts from the US Federal Government totaling

Our organization has:

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An experienced government grant writer
An experienced government grant accounting, compliance and reporting expert
A development or grants team that is specifically tasked with prospecting and securing funding support
A clear process for evaluating and approving the decision(s) to go/no-go for funding opportunities

Enrollment Terms

By submitting this form, your organization (“Enrollee”) acknowledges understanding and acceptance of the following terms:

  1. Nevada GrantLab can supplement enrollee’s work, not replace it. Enrollee will keep searching for its own funding opportunities. Enrollee is ultimately responsible for its grant activities.
  2. Nevada GrantLab will maintain enrollee’s confidences by not disclosing any sensitive information you provide. Enrollee will be recognized by name as a network partner for promotional purposes. Enrollee’s information will be aggregated and anonymized for any reporting purposes.
  3. Nevada GrantLab (inclusive of its affiliates) makes no representations or warranties of fitness. It does not represent or warrant it will have responsibility for any technical assistance provided. Nevada GrantLab disclaims all responsibility, liability and duty of care related to any decision, action or omission taken or not taken by or for applicant organization. Applicant organization acknowledges and agrees that it accesses and uses Nevada GrantLab at its own risk.

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