Nonprofits do vital work for Nevadans.

They provide food, housing, and health services to meet basic needs; create education and job opportunities that lead to economic independence; advocate for rights, nurture arts and culture, and fight poverty. They do what government can’t and private business won’t. We need them, especially now as they work on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis. And as they face extraordinary demands and declining donations, they need support.

Fortunately, Nevada is estimated to receive billions in federal funding for Covid-19 relief and recovery, all in addition to the billions in federal grants that are regularly available. Nonprofits can use some of this funding to pay for services they provide to communities through grants and reimbursements.

But finding and securing funding is complicated. Many small and mid-sized non-profits don’t have the resources needed to identify, procure and administer federal grants. Even the largest organizations sometimes face an uphill climb for grants. And it’ll be even harder in the midst of today’s circumstances as organizations are already stretched thin and growing thinner by the day.

Grant Resources and Experts to Help

The Nevada GrantLab will address this critical need by helping nonprofits find grant funding and pairing them with experienced grant writers who can assist them in establishing best practices for administration in developing applications and establishing best practices for administration. And thanks to a few visionary Nevada philanthropies, our services will be at cost to our nonprofit partners.

What we can help with:

  • Find funding opportunities that may be a match.
  • Develop and submit complete, compelling grant applications.
  • Establish post-award management, compliance and reporting practices.

Our network of experts:

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